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Allbirds: first, you walk. Then you live long and healthy. - In the early months of 2020, in my ghost town of a metropolis, I walked in shoes suggested by an expert: New Balance. They were expensive, thick and clunky --

Bliss Softening Socks - On the coldest night of the year, our friend Duane Hampton presented my wife and me with blue boxes. From a distance, my first thought was Tiffany. But the boxes

Filson Tin Cloth Creek Jacket for Women - I was walking up Madison Avenue one winter evening when I ran into Ralph Lauren. "Filson,” he said. He was referring to my coat. Not the greatest of guesses, for there is

My exercise uniform (and yours?): The fleece quarter-zip sweatshirt, running pants, Allbirds - I’m not a model, but I’m going to play one --- just this once --- on the Internet. Since about 1962, my daily uniform has been a starched button-down oxford

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket: The “Amazon coat” - The answer to a woman’s prayers in winter is the Orolay Thickened Down Jacket, or, as those who swear by it call it, “the Amazon coat.” Orolay? Not a fashion

Spanx - So there I was, out for a night on the town with my wife. While I cherish her sharp wit, powerful brain and mammoth heart, may

Supreme - A few weeks ago, in the middle of the night, they got up, dressed quickly and hurried out, taking care not to wake their parents. On the way to Lafayette

The Coolest Kicks: Tretorn & Stan Smith Sneakers - When I run into people who knew me in the Pleistocene, they often say, “You haven’t changed.” What they mean is: “You’re still wearing the same clothes you were wearing half

The SlideBelt - Boy, do I wish I’d invented the SlideBelt. I’m one of those guys who has worn the same clothes for decades. I replace khakis and button-down shirts every few years, buying

Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Gloves with Mitten Cover - We used our first cell phones for a decade. My wife’s had an antenna. Mine was thick as a brownie. Both had a few phone numbers taped on the

UGG Flip-Flop Slippers - At almost the same moment that our 7.5-year-old was jumping up and down in a shoe store because her mother had adopted my shopping philosophy --- “Why wait? We’re here

Vote for Pedro T-shirt -  

Wintergreen Northern Wear - The idea behind is that just about every movie, book or music CD ever released is available on the Web --- so why would a cultural concierge recommend only New