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“Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” Liquid Hand Soap - So there we were in Las Vegas, waiting for a Cirque de Soleil show. What do you do in a casino when you don’t gamble and you’re with a gang of

“The Best” of 2017 - If you don’t do a “best of” feature, you’re not considered Serious Media. So I’ve made one. The best books aren’t listed in order, though the 3 novels of Mohsin

“The war against COVID has changed.” With clarity and authority, Guest Butler Lucian Truscott IV explains how, and why, and what you can do to stay healthy. - UPDATE: This week, with COVID spiking again, Wirecutter --- the New York Times-owned site that reviews products --- took another look at air purifiers. The Times report: "Our pick among

“We’re All We Have” - I suggested it was time for the 9.5-year-old to make her list for Santa. She wiggled two fingers on each hand --- air quotes – and said, “Santa?” “Whoa,” I said. “You

2010: Hey, hey, goodbye - With this edition, I kiss 2010 goodbye and, like the butler/chauffeur of “Sabrina,” head off to spend the holidays with my family in our modest but cheerful apartment over the

2011: The Bad and the Beautiful -   “The first cure for illusion,” Philip Slater wrote, “is despair.”   This was the year in which certain things became clear to me.   They were an invitation to despair.   l) There’s no political solution

2012: The Best Videos - “Hello darkness my old friend.” Paul Simon sang "Sounds of Silence” at the funeral for a teacher killed in Connecticut, and in this month of bad news, it feels like

2014: The Greatest Hits - With this edition, I take a break. Going away? No. This happened, and now I’m writing the script. So far, so much fun. But I also have a pile of

2015: The Best of the Best - THE AMAZON LINK: There are now two ways to get to Amazon and support this site. The old: Click on the “Buy it from Amazon” link on any review and

2016: As the year ends… - THE AMAZON LINK: There are now two ways to get to Amazon and support this site. Old: Click on the “Buy it from Amazon” link on any review and go

2017 Head Butler Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers - HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES The Holiday Gift Guide The Food Edition Gifts for Kids The Luxury Edition --- Small gifts. Budget-friendly. In two categories: Under $15 and Under $10. You're welcome. UNDER $15 The Queen’s Gambit My favorite book. But

2017: The year ends (a door closes, a window opens) - Solstice. The shortest day, the longest night: given the headlines this week, that’s metaphorically accurate, and on every level. Under cover of night, under a cloak of secrecy, white men

9/11: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” - It seems to be an unwritten law for writers with web sites and members of the Bloviating Class that something must be said about 9/11. I have thought about this, and

A brilliant light, a smart plug… and Alexa - My mother turned 102, and it was finally time for her not to live in her apartment with only caregivers for company, so we found an excellent assisted living complex

A Child’s Holiday, 2016 - Let us take a collective breath and lay down our daily cares and national concerns and remember what the December holiday is about. The dark days end. Light is

A David Bowie Story: “Here’s a mask. It’s magic. Invisible. Put it on…” - Neil Gaiman tells this story. You may have seen it as a Short Take, at the bottom of the main screen. Sometimes it's there. Generally it isn't. I think about

A Farmhouse in France: a retreat to rent, a movie to watch - If you’ll recall 2004, a bogus war was raging. And George W. Bush and his crew, having built the war on a lie, were sustaining that war with a steady

A letter from the editor: The future of - SHOPPING ON AMAZON: The business model of this site is Amazon. You start here, buy something there, Butler gets a commission. And not just on the item reviewed. Anything you

A necessity: a charger for your iPhone - Does your phone lose power at warp speed? Like if you use Google Maps. One drive from my apartment in upper Manhattan to the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and

Aaron Swartz: An open letter to his prosecutor - I had a piece ready to publish about Highclere Castle, the English country house --- okay: castle --- featured in "Downton Abbey." This seemed more important. That is, "important" in